Various Kinds of Useful Contract Templates

In our daily lives, we will always be using some kinds of contract templates, whether it is for work, household or educational purposes. Depending on the budget and connection that you have with the contractor, you can choose a template that suits you best.

Most contracts will have to be agreed upon beforehand, so that all parties have a clear understanding of the tasks, clauses, payments, along with cancellation policies, and other important points before they sign them. Other than the buyer and seller, 3rd party such as the bank might need to also sign the contract agreement form if needed.

Contract Templates
Contract Templates

Before signing a valid contract form of any kind, you can ask for a contract proposal first. It is used to give you some sort of an understanding of what the real contract is going to look like. It is definitely not a commitment or promise like the real contract, but when followed through with the negotiation of the offer, it can be a good start of a contract creation.

Here are some of them that you might want to know more about.

Construction Contract

A construction contract is usually used to bind two different parties that are involved in creating a construction. It can be to create a building, a house, etc. Just like any other contract, it is a legal contract that has terms and conditions that can be altered to suit the needs of both parties.

Service Contract

A company usually uses a service contract to ensure the legalities of offering a service to their clients. Different terms and conditions might be included in the template, but most of them are quite similar so they can be used for different clients and period of time.

Land Contract for Homes

Before loan requirements are lowered, back in the old days’ many people used land contracts a lot when they are going to purchase their new house. In the contract, it will state the financing terms of how the payment is going to be done for the land or home that they are going to purchase.

Rental Contract for Different Regions

When you are going to contract a house, there is a rental contract that you have to sign. In the contract itself, you will see different terms and conditions of renting the property, such as the tenant agreement, deposits, payments, security, responsibilities of both landlord and tenants, and many more.

Employment Contract

An employment contract will legally bind an employee and their employers. If you are going to work for a new company, you will have to sign this kind of contract first. The document will definitely help you eliminate problems and disputes that might happen in the future.

Photography Contract

If you are a photographer and you aren’t working for a company, it is highly advised that you use a photography contract. Freelance photographers use this type of contract a lot to bind them with their clients. You can easily create them yourself by looking at some samples online.

Sales Contract

A draft of sales contract will be the first filing of the document that you will show to your client. Before both parties (buyer and seller) sign the document, sometimes they will need few revisions of the terms and conditions. This type of contract is usually used when exchanging or trading goods or services.

Business Contract Agreement

Since a business contract will legally bind you and another party, there are few key elements that you need to pay attention to in creating one. In the contract, all the terms and conditions will include elements of negotiating, considering, and accepting the offer along with good intentions from both parties in forming good relationships.

Loan Contract

Everyone will take a loan at least once in their life. When they do, they will have to sign a loan contract agreement before they get their loans. It is a formal process that legally binds them with the institute that will lend them the money. Different lenders will have different terms and conditions for their borrowers that will include the rates of the loan, payments, and loan period of time.

Behavior Contract for Students

Using a behavior contract is widely used especially in an educational institute such as school. The contract mainly serves a purpose to help, change or improve the behavior the students that are used by their teachers. It also regularly used as a planning contract to help with the behavior of students with the help of the teacher and their parents.

Business Consulting Contract

If your company needs protection for all the information along with liabilities in it, you can use a business consulting contract agreement to help bind it with a consulting institute or company. These 2-sided agreements will already be agreed upon by both parties first before they sign them.

Wedding Photography Contract

A wedding photography contract form is a form that you will have to sign if you want to hire a photographer for your wedding. Inside the contract will be all terms in details of what the photographer has to do and the fee that you have to pay. Everything in the contract will be stated in details so all parties will have a clear understanding of the service offered along with payments that need to be done.

Roommate Agreement

Finding the perfect roommate is never easy. When you find them, you will definitely want to make sure that you get them to sign a roommate agreement to help both of you settle in the house or apartment with different sets of rules that can be beneficial for both parties. Use straight-forward terms and conditions to avoid confusions and problems in the future.

Catering Contract for an Event

In creating an event such as parties, get-togethers or work functions, you will need catering services to serve your guests with food and beverages. After you find a catering service that you want to use, you will want to make sure that both parties sign a catering contract for the job. It’s not only to protect you as a customer but also help legally bind the company to follow the rules and regulations in their services for your guests. Know more about catering contract.

DJ Contract

A DJ contract can easily help protect both the DJ and also the venue of the event. Usually, in the contract itself, it will outline everything that is expected from the DJ along with the payments that will be done for the event. Other than that, it will also include cancellation policies and other contract default information.

Lease Contract

A lease contract is usually used between a tenant and owner when renting a property. It is a legal document that will help give clear information about everything that has to do with the property along with the terms of payments (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly).

Landscaping Contract

If you have a landscaping business, you will need to prepare landscaping contract template that you will use when you have clients that are going to use your service. In the contract, it will have to include all the basic information about the company and the service it offers, the size of the area you are going to service, how often you are going to take care of the property, breakdowns of all the tasks that you have to do within the property, and many more.

Music Contract

Signing a music contract can be beneficial for both the singer and the recording label that records them. This legal document will define all the terms and conditions, starting from the process of the recording up to the distribution of the album. This type of contract commonly binds all the parties that are involved for such periods of time, such as 1 year, 2 years or 5 years.

Purchase Contract for Real Estate

When you are going to purchase a real estate or new home, making sure all the terms, conditions and agreements are proper can be done by signing a purchase contract. It can be used to legally bind 2 or more parties that are involved in the purchase of the property. All parties must sign the contract to make it valid for legal purposes.

Event Planner Contract

In most event planner contract, you will be able to see all the terms and conditions of the payment schedule, cancellation policy, termination, indemnification, and photo release clause. A contract can easily be used as a safety net by all parties, especially when planning events such as birthdays, weddings, etc.

Home Remodeling Contract

In redesigning or remodeling your home, especially when you work together with a contractor or interior designer, make sure to sign a remodeling contract with them. This way, you would be sure to have a legal agreement of all the things that you want them to do (service) and they also have a clear understanding of how the payment is going to be done (fee).

Behavior Contract for Teenager

In a house, all of their teenager must sign a behavior contract for teenager when they start growing. This type of contract holds all behavior standards and agreements for teenager in the house. It also holds both parties to be responsible to each other in the best manner and ways possible.

Contract Agreement between Two Parties

A contract agreement between two parties can only be valid when both parties agree on the terms and conditions in the contract and both parties sign them too. Usually, the contract is a legal bind agreement when these parties are exchanging, trading, purchasing or selling goods and services.

Parent-Child Contract Agreement

When creating a parent-child contract for your children, you will have to also keep in mind that the contract works both ways. It should also include the terms and agreement of the behavior of the parent too. Other than agreements that you have made with your kids, it should also include punishment or discipline along with rewards that they can get when they are behaving nicely.

Contract Labor Tax Rate

Some people might wonder if they have to pay tax when they are on contract labor. The answer is yes. Contract labor tax type that you have to pay depends on you. There are taxes that will be shared by both the employer and employee if you work in a company or if you are self-employed, you will be paying a certain amount from your earnings.

Rent with Option to Buy Contract

Living in a rented apartment or home can be an option for potential homeowners that don’t have enough budgets to purchase their own homes yet. These days though, there is a “rent with option to buy contract” that they can opt for. In the end, they will be offered by their landlords to purchase the home as their own property.

Real Estate Contract of Sale

In purchasing or selling a real estate property, you will have to make sure that the terms, conditions, and clauses in the real estate contract that you are going to sign are correct and proper. It is a legal document that binds all parties involved in the trading of the property. All the details and information of the property along with monetary value trade should also be included in the contract.

Charter Contract Buyout

A charter company can buy out your old contract if you prefer to switch service, such as internet service, TV channels, etc. Both parties will have to sign a charter contract buyout form before the new service from the new charter takes place. You can ask for the form to fill in from the agent of the new charter service.

Car Sale Contract with Payments

A car sale contract with payments schedule will be able to inform you of the schedule, fee, and everything else that relate to the payment when you are purchasing a car. The terms and conditions in this type of contract are usually agreed upon by both parties before the form is signed. Most likely, the company that’s going to sell the car will already have their own template for all the clauses.

General Contractor Contract and Agreement

Using a general contractor contract is quite common to be used when you are going to renovate or alter your property. In the contract, it will state all the tasks that need to be done by the contractor for the owner’s property or land. Both parties will have to sign the contract to make it valid and it can also help keep both parties happy especially if the document is needed in the future.

Owner Financing Contract

An owner financing contract is one of the many contracts that need to be signed by potential homeowners when they are going to purchase a home. In the contract, it will state in detail of the payment schedule that the buyer has to pay along with other important information of the property.

Residential Construction Contract

Before progressing into a construction project, you will need to make sure that all the details in the residential construction contract are all correct and agreed by all parties involved. This type of contract usually includes warranty, retention, lien waivers, cost, detailed information of the PM (Project Manager), change orders, arbitration, insurance, and many more in it.

Legally Binding Contract

A contract can be considered as a legally binding contract and valid when all parties agreed upon the offer made by one party and then accepted by the other. The contract itself can be an exchange or trade between goods or services. It is a legal document that needs to be signed by both parties before the exchange or trade happens to keep them well informed about all the details of the trade.

Takeover Car Payments Contract

If you need to transfer your car loan to a new owner, you will have to prepare a takeover car payment contract for all parties to sign. Other than you and the buyer, the bank or car dealer will also have to sign the contract too.

Daycare Contract for Children

Before enrolling your kids in a daycare that you have chosen for them, you will have to agree on all the terms and conditions that the daycare has. After that, you as their parent will have to sign the daycare contract form to acknowledge of all the rules of the daycare center that you have to follow.

Contract for Deed

If you don’t like the traditional loan option when you are purchasing a new home or you don’t have the budget for it, you can always opt for signing a contract for deed instead. In the contract, the entire payment schedule will be listed and the buyer will get legalities of the property once all the payments and installments are done.

Rent to Own Contract for a House

Another alternative in owning a new property is to use a rent to own contract when you want to purchase a home, but you don’t have the budget. A time or period will be set by the landlord where you can rent the home first, and then once you have the budget to purchase the house, you can purchase and buy it from the landlord. You will need to make sure that the contract hasn’t expired too because this type of contract usually has an expiration date.

Freelance Graphic Designer Contract

As a graphic design freelancer, to protect yourself and your client in all the matters regarding your service, it is highly recommended that you create a freelance graphic design contract template. You can use the template for all your clients as a legal document to keep them well informed with all the details and information of the project.

Hopefully, some of those contracts stated above would be able to give you some kind of an idea in which contract template you want to use that would suit your matter best. You can always ask your contractor and brainstorm for some of the terms and conditions that you want to include in it before you sign them.

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